Fix Rough and Scratchy Plaster

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Over time, your plaster will start to get damaged and torn. In most cases, replastering services should be handled around every 10 years. When you need to replace your swimming pool plastering in Whitehouse, TX, rely on Paradise Pools and Plaster LLC. We have a wide variety of appealing styles and textures for you to choose from. We'll complete your installation flawlessly, which will make your pool look brand-new.

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How to tell if you need new plaster

How to tell if you need new plaster

There are several signs you should look out for to tell if your plaster is in bad shape. You'll likely need replastering services if you notice:

  • The floor scratching your feet
  • Cracks throughout your pool
  • Flaking or peeling plaster
  • Cracking in existing plaster/peeling in exposed spots 
  • Pitting in plaster 
  • Calcium deposits 
  • Old, faded, or stained plaster  

Types of pool finishes

  • White plaster
  • Quartz
  • Mini pebble
  • Tile

We'll assess the damage and make a recommendation for how to proceed. If you're concerned about your swimming pool plastering, call 903-343-5466 today.